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Last Spring Neil Kremer contacted me about a really cool project he and his studio partner, Cory Johnson, were working on for Emmy magazine. It seems the folks at Emmy magazine wanted to re-create the iconic shot from the 1930’s, “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”, this time using the stars from Marvel’s latest Netflix series, the Defenders.

Naturally getting the entire cast on location at the same time for a shoot like this was out of the question. So Neil and Cory had them come in to the studio one or two at a time shooting them in various poses. They also shot a section of a prop i-beam as well as several background plates shot from a high up vantage point in New York.  


One of the really fun parts of this job was sifting through the various shots of the talent picking ones that looked like they’d show some interesting interactions. It took a few rounds with the editors to get approval on a couple of them, (seems they did not think the shot of Finn eating a sandwich was fun), but quickly enough we had the shots of the cast in place sitting atop the extended i-beam. 

The final step was creating the color treatment that would give the composed shot it’s final “look”. Neil sent me a handful of examples of color treatments he liked pointing me in the right direction. Below you can see the Before version of the final shot.

Emmys Heroes W7a Before 1024Web

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