Last Summer I worked with Colin McGuire on this lifestyle project involving 15 different shots to be used in a campaign for one of his pharmaceutical clients.

The shots all needed to have an early morning or late afternoon warmth with the sun just meeting the horizon off on the right of the image. On the days of the shoot Colin and his crew were met with stormy clouds and rain. So in addition to doing the usual cleanup, changing clothing colors, and compositing I needed to restore that warmth and bring out the sun so it appeared as planned.

Overall this series of images called for very careful masking and color correction. Each sky had to be replaced with a new one, the color of the main subjects’ shirts needed to match the brand’s red logo, the grass needed to be consistently green and shadows needed to be ‘punched up’ to give the impression of clearer skies and more direct light.

In the end the client was very happy and Colin looked like a hero for getting great looking shots despite the adverse conditions he faced.

Here are a couple more shots from the campaign.

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