I’ll be teaching another seminar for the Los Angeles chapter of the APA on August 9th with some of the folks from Bowhaus. Should be an interesting day.

APA/LA Digital Workshop: From Color to Black and White
Saturday August 9th, 2008
9am – 1pm
3221 Hutchinson Ave, LA CA 90034

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Join us Saturday, August 9th as we present our own Dennis Dunbar and
Bowhaus’ Antonis Ricos in the latest of our series of digital seminars.
They’ll be taking their audience on an exploration of the Black and White
digital world.

Dennis will start things off by delving into the process of converting Color
Images to Black and White. He’ll discuss what happens when you hit the
magical B&W button in Photoshop and show you how to gain control of the
process so you can fine tune the conversion to get the results you’re after.
Then he’ll show you how you can “Mix and Match” conversion methods to bring
out the right tonality and detail in specific areas of your image.

Then Bowhaus’ Antonis Ricoss will take over the session and show you how to
get “Fine Art” Black and White prints from your images. He’ll show you how
to create Digital B&W inkjet prints with rich blacks, luminous highlights
and ultra-smooth gradations. These guys really have mastered this art and
you’ll see why acclaimed fine art photographers and galleries are now
choosing BowHaus to produce their Master and Exhibition prints. He’ll also
show you Bowhaus’ IJC/OPM software as well as their new “True Black and
White” printmaking software that you can use to create your own stunning
Digital B&W inkjet prints.

Come join us as this seminar promises to be informative and intriguing and
will help you gain the knowledge you need to move seamlessly between the
World of Color to the World of B&W.

$35 APA/LA members
$45 ASMP, LADig, Student members
$55 non-members

Day of:
$45 APA/LA members
$55 ASMP, LADig, Student members
$65 non-members

Brought to you in part by:
Bowhaus www.bowhaus.com

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