160924_HFREEMAN_Halos_Maddy_0124 W2 web

160924_HFREEMAN_Halos_Christopher_0208 W2b web

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Hunter Freeman on a campaign for the Wonderful Company‘s Halos tangerines. The concept was to capture mischievous kids in that moment between mayhem and virtue pondering which path to take. 

Of course capturing kids in the perfect moment invariably means capturing several moments and then combining them to create a singular image showing that angelic look kids so often flash just before making lots of trouble. 

In addition to compositing this hand with that arm as well as shifting colors and adding wall paper patterns to the background, one really fun challenge this project involved was creating the halos that appear over the children’s heads.

Starting with a shot Hunter provided of a circular fluorescent tube I combined this with an Illustrator file provided by the client along with a few Photoshop tricks to achieve a result the client liked. 

Below you can see the shots we started out with. 

160924_HFREEMAN_Halos_Maddy_0124 Web 160924_HFREEMAN_Halos_Christopher_0206 Web 160924_HFREEMAN_Halos_Halo_0680 web

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