Over the last year I’ve been working on adding some After Effects skills to my capabilities. It’s been a pretty natural transition as the basic concepts are very similar to what I’ve been doing in Photoshop for the last 20 years.

Recently I was called on by the talented team of Tom and Miriam Gundred at Soular Creative to help create some graphics animations for a project they were working on. This particular project involved creating two graphics animations that were to be part of a presentation highlighting some innovative technology one of their clients provided for their trade show clients.

In working on this they provided me with the Illustrator files and some directions indicating what they were looking for. After breaking out the various parts of the files that needed to move I then worked on creating the animations. This one in particular was designed to highlight how the client’s technology allowed a presenter to control who could view the presentation.

Double-Click on the image below to see the final animated piece.

QT_WriteOBJECT_XHTML(‘http://www.dunbardigital.com/blog/blog_files/aftereffectsanimations_1.mov’, ‘720’, ‘502’, ”, ‘autoplay’, ‘false’ );
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